Meet Sistahs Who Breastfeed-Camden Co


50273970_508082356266813_1237480094881021952_oVeronica is a MOMpreneur of two girls, Loren and Liv, bonus Mom to Noah, and avid thrift shopper (dubbed “Queen Of Savings” by herself). She began her first breastfeeding journey at age 21 with guided techniques, countless hours of research, and lots of BabyCenter feeds. Armed with the best products and the comfiest nursing chair, she set her goal for six months. This did not happen. Veronica was instead met with so many challenges and zero support in sight. No support can really destroy a spirit!
Fast forward to 2018 this time last year Veronica was fighting for her life suffering from HG (hyperemesis Gravidarum), high risk pregnancy, and 3 doctors preparing her for miscarriage but she beat all odds! She proudly reached the ONE YEAR mark in her second breastfeeding journey and going strong (aiming for 3yrs who knows, lol)!!!

“All the challenges I’ve faced and overcame have prepared me for this role, and I’m honored to help Moms in my Community.” 

**This is my 2nd child Liv. Liv likes to eat. I feed Liv EVERYWHERE. Liv does not judge you so don’t judge us. Be more like Liv!**Veronica 



Taneesha is married and expecting her third child this spring! She has successfully nursed 2 children. She began her breastfeeding journey in 2009 nursing her son for 12 months while attending school full time and working part time. In 2016 she didn’t hesitate to give her daughter the same nourishment for 19 months, doing so while working full time. She’s very passionate about breastfeeding and understands very well the obstacles that many face to be successful, especially women of the African diaspora who have the lowest rates. While she is normally quiet you can’t shut her up while talking all things breastfeeding and motherhood. The rare times that she lets her hair down she’s glued to her phone or hanging with the same group of friends since elementary/middle school. She also enjoys shopping making sure to always use a coupon because the thought of paying regular retail prices gives her nightmares.